Preventing Workers Compensation Fraud and Abuse

Commercial insurance programs usually include workers compensation (WC) coverage. Many states require it, so businesses have no choice but to buy this protection.filling up a work injury claim form

You may heard or read articles discussing workers compensation fraud, but, if you’re like many others, remain unsure of what forms this abuse takes or how to prevent it. Here is a brief primer about workers compensation fraud and how to avoid it.

Common Fraud Types

  • Faking a covered workplace injury.
  • Working for a different employer, but collecting benefits from a former employer.
  • Using a non-work injury as a workplace injury to collect benefits.
  • Returning to your job, but still collecting workers compensation payments.
  • Claiming treatment someone never received.
  • Misinforming about the seriousness of your injury.

Avoiding and Preventing WC Fraud

  • Thoroughly investigate all accidents, identifying danger points at your workplace.
  • Identify common fraud indicators, including
    • Workplace rumors.
    • Long time periods between injury and claims.
    • Employees the employer cannot reach at home, while he/she is receiving benefits.
    • Employees changing doctors after the prior physician released them to return to work.
    • Inconsistencies and changes of employee accident reports.
    • No witnesses to the injury or accident.

Workers compensation fraud hurts everyone, including other employees and employers. Avoiding WC abuse requires employer diligence by investigating claims and understanding common indicators of improprieties.

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