Single? Life Insurance May Still Make Sense

Not married? No kids? Well then, you just might need life insurance- money

Of course, life insurance often provides for a family after a loved one passes. There are also sound reasons why single people with no dependents should consider a policy.

1) Are there other family members who might have to cope with unexpected costs if you die? If a parent, brother or sister will have to pay for funeral or estate costs, a policy could help them with that burden.

2) If you’re planning to marry and have kids later, it can be less expensive in the long run to buy a whole life policy when you are relatively young and healthy. You can change the beneficiary when you marry or become a parent.

3) If you have a favorite niece, nephew or even friend who you plan to help out later in life, an insurance policy can help ensure that your intentions are carried out.

4) If you own a business or partnership, your life insurance can provide vital financial support when you are no longer available.

An independent insurance agency can help you determine when you need insurance and how much coverage you should obtain. Floyd Insurance Group supports Idaho Falls families, singles and businesses with their commercial insurance, property insurance and auto insurance needs. Visit us online at or give us a call today to learn more!